chovatelská stanice hovawartů Czech Soul

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Kateřina Slováková

+ 420 604 612 944

8.6.2012 We have four puppies for sale...For more information please contact us by email:

PUPPIES ARE BORN! we have 5 female and 4 male. 4 black and tan. Photo here
Bryta is proud mum and small puppies are happy with her, we are finally real hovawart familly and our second dog Disaster is so much curious what is going on... 

Bryta Zelená záře
excellent 2 - World dog show
excellent 3 - Czech Club exhibition.
She ahas always been excellent at the exhibitions, both the special and the club exhibitions, and she has been always selected for the shortlist.
exam: ZOP, ZZO, FPr1
 Bryta's photos here
Cyrol Bukový háj
JCh CR, Ch CR, Ch SR, Ch PL, ICh(C.I.B.)
exam: ZOP, ZPU-1, ZPU-2, FPr1, FPr2, ZM, ZVV1, IPO1
 Cyrol's photos here
Cyrol's website here